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At present it is a Seller’s market. So why do you need a Realtor? The term “REALTOR” stands for competency, fairness, and integrity. A “Broker” has completed additional training and is held at a higher accountability level. Realtors and Brokers are held to a strict “Code of Ethics” and choosing a Realtor increases your home’s chance of selling for more money with less stress to you while reducing the risk of costly liabilities. Your trust matters. As a Coldwell Banker Broker I bring you the highest standards through expertise in home preparation, staging, price setting, inspection guidance, marketing plans and contract negotiations. I can offer lender services, repair alternatives, home warranty information, title, buyer qualification, at each step through closing the sale. Put my knowledge on your side – and be sure to ask about our Seller Services Guarantee. Families that are moving to a new part of town or need to purchase a bigger home (for growing families) need to find a reputable, trustworthy and friendly real estate agent to help them through the process. Even families that have experience with selling homes can gain many benefits from working with professional realtors. Not only will I be able to help you through all of the fine print of real estate, but my expertise and knowledge of the area can help you to create the most attractive deal for your home.

I will; help you through the lending, inspection and appraisal processes. Important timelines and what you should expect will be thoroughly explained. No matter where you’re buying a home, my experience in this area makes me the best real estate agent for you!

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