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Consumer Credit Counseling ServicesConsumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater Dallas offers free educational online seminars, or “webinars” which focus on various credit and financial topics. Yesterday’s “Couples and Money” webinar, examined a couples’ financial values and expectations and how differences of opinion in these matters can strain or even end a marriage.

Many of us in committed relationships, whether in a serious relationship, married, or just dating tend to think that love and money are best kept as separate facets of life as a means to keep the peace. Yet, this “compartmentalization” sets the stage for conflict when marital assets come into play. CCCS advises that the “money talk” often will lead to a mutual understanding rather than a declaration of war.

CCCS recommends you consider the following issues when having the “money talk” prior to merging your finances.

• First, identify yourself and your partner as either a “spender” or a “saver”. Knowing this fundamental trait can go a long ways towards helping you and your partner reach an understanding as to how your resources should be spent. If you can’t agree, watch out, as this can be the first signal of incompatibility. Though too, the expression “opposites attract” can be applied in this instance, as the couples’ “opposite” spending or saving habits can balance the other out.

• Second, CCCS goes on to advise that couples should know each other’s credit scores before saying “I do”. CCCS points out that debts and budgeting habits learned during the single years will carry forward into the marriage.

• And finally, it is important to learn and acknowledge your partner’s expectations and values regarding the wedding ceremony itself, the honeymoon, family planning, your home, and even retirement.

 Every couple is different, and simple as these tips seem, serious issues involving money can be easily overlooked in the excitement of falling in love. You may find your bond may actually be strengthened with some practical considerations, and helpful resources like CCCS.

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